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Braille Keyboard

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Braille Keyboard

What is Braille Keyboard?


A device that converts text from a computer application or web page into Braille, allowing a blind person to use a computer. It consists of single keys that represent each point in a braille cell. To type a letter in braille the user would press a combination of keys required to form that braille character.

Braille technology is an assistive technology that allows blind or visually impaired people to perform simple tasks such as writing, browsing the Internet, typing and printing text in Braille, engaging in chats, downloading files, playing music, electronic mail, and reading documents. It allows blind or visually impaired students to complete all assignments in school as the rest of their classmates and allows them to take online courses. It enables professionals to do their jobs and enables teachers to deliver lectures using hardware and software applications. The advancement of Braille technology is meaningful because blind people can access more texts, books, and libraries and it also facilitates the printing of Braille texts.

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