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Facilitated Workshops

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Facilitated Workshops

What is Facilitated Workshops?


Facilitated workshops are meetings in which developers and users convene to discuss aspects of an interface under development. Sometimes called a Joint Application Development (JAD) session. Facilitated workshops ensure a team-based approach through visual and verbal communication and collaboration, where results can be achieved with speed, commitment, and dedication for results.

Facilitated workshops are a proven practice for business success. They have been used successfully throughout the business world and within DSDM (Dynamic Systems Development Method) for many years. As one of the core practices of DSDM, a facilitating workshop is a special type of meeting: with a clear purpose in terms of deliverables.

A boss who needs workshop results and a driver to get them done. Many participants have relevant knowledge and are empowered to produce deliverables. The success factor of a facilitating workshop is an effective, trained, and independent workshop facilitator. Flexibility in the format of various workshops, but clearly defined objectives.

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