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Lo-Fi Prototypes

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Lo-Fi Prototypes

What is Lo-Fi Prototypes?


Low-fidelity prototyping or lo-fi prototyping are simple and low-tech concepts. Useful for evaluating the effectiveness of navigation infrastructure and labels.

Low-fidelity prototypes are simple and low-tech concepts. You just need is a pen and paper to get started. Examples: Paper, PowerPoint, or other non-interactive mock-ups of interfaces evolved early in design.

Lo-Fi (Low-Fidelity) prototyping is a quick and easy way to translate high-level design concepts into tangible and testable artifacts. The first and foremost role of lo-fi prototyping is to test and check the functionality rather than the visual appearance of the product. The goal is to turn your ideas into testable artifacts that you can use to collect and analyze feedback at an early stage.

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