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Proxy PO

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Proxy PO

What is Proxy PO?


A proxy PO (product owner) represents the role of the product owner without actually being that person themselves.

A proxy PO describes a middleman who does not bear complete responsibility for a product, like a real product owner. In most cases, the proxy PO only takes on the most important tasks of the product owner in the Scrum process. He takes part in the meetings and writes the tickets. He is like the right hand of the actual product owner.

Proxy Product Owner (Proxy PO) is the role of an intermediary between the people who make decisions about a product and the people who develop it. A proxy PO typically performs activities that are typically performed by the Product Owner, such as:

Gather customer needs.

  • Define and organize the product backlog.
  • Plan how to make the backlog work together with the team.
  • Decide when product enhancements can be released to customers.
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