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Von Restorff Effect

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Von Restorff Effect

What is Von Restorff Effect?


The Von Restorff effect or the isolation effect. It predicts that when many similar items are present, the one that is different from the rest is most likely to be remembered.

The Von Restorff Effect refers to the phenomenon whereby people value a value differently depending on whether it is placed in isolation and whether it is placed next to an alternative. Particularly, a certain alternative can be made to appear more attractive if it is placed next to an alternative relative to which it is superior in some respect.

The effect describes our tendency to remember things that we are abnormally more likely to remember. For example, if a person checks off a shopping list with one item highlighted in bright green, they will be more likely to remember the highlighted item than any other.

Color isn't the only aspect of design that can create something unique. There are several ways you can modify the design to reflect the von Restorff effect. Other design aspects include - size, shape, bold or italicizing, spacing, highlighting, and underlining.

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