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What is Audit?


A UX audit reviews an existing product or an aspect of the product, in order to identify problems in the overall user experience. UX Audit provides hard data that explains why the product is experiencing problems and also provides actionable recommendations.

A user experience audit (UX audit) is a way to pinpoint less-than-perfect areas of a digital product, to identify which parts of a site or app are causing users headaches and driving conversions. Huh. are stopping.

User Experience Audit is a process used to identify potential usability issues based on established estimates and/or prior user research. For example, an audit of the e-commerce checkout process may reveal that it is too complex and that it offers limited payment options that can result in drop-offs.

An effective UX audit ultimately targets issues to create a smoother and more intuitive user journey. This process can help increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and conversions.

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