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Experience Architecture

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Experience Architecture

What is Experience Architecture?


Experience Architecture (EA) is also known as User Experience Architecture. It helps map the process of creating an online user experience (UX) for customers, employees, partners, and other visitors. It typically combines interaction design, information architecture (IA), and experience design (XD) to represent how users will navigate an online narrative.

Experience Architecture is the art of expressing a clear user story/journey through Information Architecture, Interaction Design, and Experience Design that an end user navigates across the products and services intended by the designer.

Experience architecture is important because it provides a way to solve the age-old puzzle of delivering a unique and compelling customer experience from a limited set of resources. Rather than inventing unique services to provide a unique experience for each customer, the careful design enables a company to mix and match a defined portfolio of services to deliver a service offering that delivers great customer experiences. Is. which specifically meets the needs of the customer.

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