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What is Developers?


In the Scrum framework, developers are all those who work in increments. Thus, the term includes not only software developers, but, for example, designers or, for products that are not purely digital, other terms such as engineers. The developers of a scrum team should consist of people from different knowledge domains. Alternatively, however, knowledge should be distributed in a so-called T-shape, according to which every developer is familiar with every topic at least at a basic level and progresses only to the expert level in their field.

A software developer's job duties typically include overseeing software programming, testing software at various stages of completion, creating software designs, creating models or diagrams to communicate the end goal, and mapping future software upgrades. includes doing. are included.

Software developers store, retrieve, and manipulate data to analyze the system's capability and requirements. They help maintain the design and overall maintenance of a software system. Sometimes they also oversee the work of computer technologists, programmers, and technicians. They are responsible for the entire process of developing the software. They meet customers, determine needs, assist with development, and ensure usability, and complete quality assurance.

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