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Empathy Map

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Empathy Map

What is Empathy Map?


Empathy maps are collaborative tools that help us visualize a user's behavior, attitudes, and feelings. Divided into 4 equal quadrants containing information about what the user is saying, thinking, doing, and feeling. At the core of the empathy map, is the user's personality.

Empathy Map is a widely used visualization tool in the field of UX and HCI practice. With regard to empathy design, the primary purpose of an empathy map is to bridge the understanding of the end user. In terms of its application, the tool is used to create a shared understanding of user needs and provide context for user-centric solutions.

An empathy map is a simple, easy-to-understand visualization that captures knowledge and insights about a user's behavior and attitudes. This is a useful tool to help teams understand their users better. Empathy mapping is a simple workshop activity that can be performed with product development, marketing, sales, stakeholders, or creative teams to create empathy for end users. Empathy mapping sessions are a great exercise for teams involved in the design and product engineering to understand what’s inside the heads of users.

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