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What is NestJS?


With NestJ as the backend, we can build customized services to suit a wide variety of interfaces and modern front-end solutions. NestJS is a full TypeScript-supported framework, and it can enable developers to code purely in JavaScript.

NestJS is a framework that simplifies development. NestJS has its own rules and is not just for backend development. The framework is DDD-friendly, event-sourced, and provides microservices architecture. It is lightweight, simple, and open-source.

NestJS is a relatively new option in backend development, with many features for quickly building and deploying enterprise services and adhering to the principles of Solid and 12-factor applications.

NestJS is a popular and cumulative JavaScript framework functioning under the hood of Node.js and is used to construct reliable, scalable, and efficient server-side applications. The framework is channeled with the Node.js environment to support TypeScript fully. It combines the concepts of Functional Reactive Programming(FRP), Object-Oriented Programming(OOP), and purely Functional Programming(FP).

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