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Monospaced Font

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Monospaced Font

What is Monospaced Font?


‘Monospaced’ is a typeface, in which every letter occupies the same lateral space. This font is basically used for input fields on forms and applications. Also, Code editors use this typeface by default.

Monospace fonts invoke a retro, tech-oriented vibe: their design style is ideally suited to programming fonts or something like an old video game website. Monospaced typefaces are those in which all or most of the characters take up the same amount of horizontal space.

In monospaced typeface (originally made for typewriters), there are several common stylistic touches on characters common to this shared width, such as the serif on the top of the stem on the lowercase ‘i’ or the heavily condensed lowercase ‘m’.

Examples of monospaced typefaces include Courier, Inconsolata, Roboto Mono, Source Code Pro, and IBM Plex Mono. Courier New is a monospaced font - each character has equal width.

Proportional spacing allows monospace fonts to represent things not only textually: they are used in poetry, guitar tablature, and even in biochemistry to create visual images or measure time.

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