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Cognitive Walkthrough

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Cognitive Walkthrough

What is Cognitive Walkthrough?


A cognitive walkthrough is a task-based usability-observation methodology that involves a crossfunctional team of reviewers who walk through each step of the workflow and use a set of defined questions with Answers that can be challenging for new users. The goal is to identify all aspects of the user interface.

A cognitive walkthrough is a usability testing method performed by a trained professional that attempts to identify usability issues by imitating the user's actions. In this method, designers ask important questions and work through the actions of their intended users to identify how useful their product is. A cognitive walkthrough essentially tasks a UX designer with walking a mile in their user's point of view. They will help you ensure that your interface is easy to use for anyone interacting with it for the first time and to ensure that your future users are able to achieve their end goal.

By conducting a cognitive walkthrough on your website and you can identify UX issues that need to be fixed, then take steps to improve your conversion rates. This technique is effective because it takes into account the specific task of the site visitor.

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