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What is Empathy?


Empathy is the ability to see the world through other people's eyes; i.e, what they see, or what they feel and experience things as they do. When UI/UX designers discuss empathy or empathy maps, they talk about collaborative tools that can be used to visualize user behavior. Typically, empathy maps are divided into 4 equal quadrants, which contain information about what users are saying, what they think, do, and feel.

Empathy is the first step in design thinking because it is a skill that allows us to understand and share the same feelings that others feel. Through empathy, we are able to put ourselves in other people's places and connect with how they are feeling about their problems, situation, or situation. It’s an important factor to designers, especially in the field of design thinking, as it allows us to truly uncover and understand the latent needs and feelings of those for whom we design.

For example, if a company sells household cleaners. With the help of empathetic design, they might notice some users mix multiple cleaners into the mixture for a unique purpose, like cleaning their curtains. Such observations could lead to new product development or rebranding.

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