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Parkinson’s Law

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Parkinson’s Law

What is Parkinson’s Law?


Parkinson’s Law states “Any task will inflate until all of the available time is spent.” Parkinson's law is the idea that a task extends to fill the time allotted for completion. This means that you take longer than necessary to complete a task or you procrastinate and complete the task just before the due date.

Parkinson's law is the tendency for the amount of work required to increase something so as to consume any amount of time allotted to it. The concept is often generalized to refer to the tendency to use any available capacity in a given system.

The implication is that no matter how extensive your resources are, there will be increased demand for them to ensure that they are depleted and exhausted. Parkinson's law has implications for many fields including time management, project management, resource allocation, requirements analysis, and storage capacity planning.

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