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Ethnographic Study

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Ethnographic Study

What is Ethnographic Study?


Ethnography study involves observing people in their own environment to understand their experiences, attitudes, and daily practices. This method can give deeper insights and information about a particular context, group, or culture.

A qualitative research methodology of observing users in their natural habitat to understand their behavior. An ethnography study examines the entire setting rather than a single digital product in isolation. It focuses on exploring experiences- how one might use the product in practice, not testing conjectures. It is usually informed by specific research questions and theories. This may involve a detailed investigation of one or a few cases - these could be people or places.

Ethnography involves a range of specialized techniques. You have to decide which method to use. It will depend on:

  • assessment and evaluation questions
  • study of setting
  • Availability of participants and materials

Research may include document analysis - for example, reading all documents from healthcare board meetings, or starting with an organizational chart.

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