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Benchmark Testing

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Benchmark Testing

What is Benchmark Testing?


Benchmark testing is a normal testing part of the application development process, generally done by a team of application developers and database administrators (DBAs). Benchmark testing is performed against a system to determine the current performance and can be used to improve application performance.

Benchmarking is the process of evaluating the user interface when comparing a website with that of a competitor; testing an application against a set of standard established criteria.

Benchmark testing compares the performance of a software or hardware system (commonly known as System Under Test or SUT). A web-based application may be called a SUT.

Benchmark testing is creating a standard for distributed software. The standard is set in companies or organizations. Benchmark testing allows the standard of work or ability to work which is given across companies to be compared.

The benchmark testing can be done for - Browser compatibility, Broken Links, HTML compliance, Load Time, Accessibility, and Link Popularity.

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