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White Space

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White Space

What is White Space?


In a web design, ‘white space’ refers to the space around the design elements. White space or negative space is neither white nor negative; it's simply the space in a design and it can have any color, texture, or pattern.

White space, also known as "negative space", is the space around a page's content and functional elements. Any type of space that serves as a background for content or functional elements can be considered white space. The basic role of white space is to allow your design to breathe by reducing the amount of text and functional elements users see at once.

Whitespace is an unutilized element and a fundamental building block of good design that helps with a great web layout. When a designer thinks of whitespace, what they actually mean is the part of the page that is left unmarked, ie, the space between elements in a composition; The space between graphics, margins, and gutters.

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