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What is Demographic?


Demographics deals with how a population is structured and is used in user experience when defining participant profiles. Examples of demographic information include- age, gender, marital status, income, education, race, ethnicity, and employment. You can easily and effectively collect this type of information with survey questions.

Demography is the study of the demographics, social characteristics, and statistics of a human population. This study of different population sizes, age structures, location, homeownership, and economics can be used for different purposes. Political candidates use the information to inform targeted campaigns.

The advent of the Internet, social media, predictive algorithms, and big data have dramatic implications for the collection and use of demographic information. Modern consumers carry a flood of data, sometimes inadvertently collected and tracked, through their online and offline lives by myriad apps, social media platforms, third-party data collectors, retailers, and financial transaction processors.

With the growing field of artificial intelligence, this huge collected data can be used to predict and target consumer preferences and buying preferences with uncanny accuracy based on their demographic characteristics and past behavior.

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