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Task Flow Diagrams

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Task Flow Diagrams

What is Task Flow Diagrams?


A task flow diagram represents a user's journey through a specific task. Instead of looking at one piece of content in isolation, a task flow allows you to consider how one piece of content connects to the next.

A task flow illustrates the path a user would follow in an application to complete a task. Product teams create user flows to design products to be intuitive, provide users with the right information at the right time, and allow users to complete desired tasks in as few steps as possible.

A task flow is usually documented in a linear diagram (a flowchart) that shows the steps of the path taken by the user. Task flow is a series of steps that a user takes to complete the task at hand. In UX design it can also refer to a workflow diagram which is a deliverable showcasing how the user is progressing through the app to meet a particular goal.

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