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Mind Map

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Mind Map

What is Mind Map?


A mind map is a visual representation of our thoughts, words, and ideas linked to or arranged around a keyword or theme through a spider diagram.

{In mathematics, a unitary spider diagram links the points of existence in an Euler or a Venn diagram. The points indicate the existence of a feature described by the intersection of contours in the Euler diagram. By joining these points together you can make a spider-like shape.}

A mind map is a diagram used to organize information visually in a hierarchy, showing the relationships between pieces of a whole. It is often built around a single concept, which is The blank drawn in the form of an image in the center of the page, to which corresponding representations of thoughts and ideas such as words, images, and parts of words are added. Major ideas are directly linked to the central concept, and other ideas are derived from those key ideas.

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