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Line Height

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Line Height

What is Line Height?


Line height is the vertical distance between two types of lines of text, measured from the baseline of one type of line to the baseline of the next. Traditionally, in metal types, this was a combined measurement of font size and lead bars that were inserted between each line (called "leading").

The line height sets the height of a line box; it is commonly used to determine the distance between lines of text. On block-level elements, it specifies the minimum height of the line box within the segment. On non-replaced inline elements, this limits the height used to calculate the line box height.

Line height can be expressed in various units, including points, pixels, ems, and rems. Thinking in percentages is probably the easiest way to understand the relationship between font size and line height. Setting a line height of 150% in a design application multiplies our font size by 1.5.

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