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Eye Ball Tracking

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Eye Ball Tracking

What is Eye Ball Tracking?


In order to improve and measure our UX efforts, we would like to understand what users are doing on our products. Eye tracking lets us measure a user's eye activity with specialized equipment, showing us where users look and in what order. This is the way to track the user's eye movement while viewing the website.

Eyeball tracking is a design assessment tool used to determine where participants are or are not looking at a screen and how long they look at particular places.

An eye tracker is an electronic device that enables researchers to observe what a subject's eyes do and move between fixations. In UX design, eye tracking uses specialized equipment to measure the user's eye activity. Eye ball tracking shows UI/UX designers where users are looking and the order in which they view content.

Eye Tracking facilitates hands-free device interaction, supporting users who cannot or do not wish to use their hands as the input mode. This capability is a cornerstone of assistive technology. Eye tracking effectively controls the spread of germs and simplifies workflow in scenarios where people need to wear protective gloves or cover their hands.

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