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What is Charts?


Charts are a common way of expressing complex data sets because they depict different data types and data comparisons. A chart can represent tabular numerical data, functions, or other quality structures and provides a variety of information.

While charts can be drawn by hand, computer software is often used to generate charts automatically based on the entered data. A chart is a graphical representation for data visualization, in which data is represented by symbols such as bars (bar charts), lines (line charts), or slices (pie charts).

  • Pie charts are typically used to show proportional data and can help a user understand the contribution of parts to a whole.
  • Column and bar charts are used for direct comparison of data or to show data over time when the number of time intervals is small.
  • Line charts can represent data over time and are more effective than bar charts for presenting many data points.
  • Treemap type of chart is used to show hierarchical data using shape and color. A good example of using a treemap would be a revenue versus profit relationship by geographic region.
  • Gantt Charts show the overlap of ongoing tasks over time.
  • The histogram chart type looks like a regular bar chart at first glance.
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