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Lean UX

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Lean UX

What is Lean UX?


Lean UX is a collaborative design approach based on agile working, that focuses on problem-solving and minimizing wasted time. Lean UX prioritizes “learning loops” (learning, measuring, and building through iterations) over design documentation.

Lean UX is mainly focused on the experience and less focused on deliverables under design than traditional UX. Whereas traditional UX may include wireframes and design review rounds, Lean UX will prioritize the development of an MVP to collect user feedback.

This requires a lot of cooperation from the entire team. The main objective is to focus on getting feedback at the earliest so that it can be used for quick decision-making. The nature of agile development is to work in rapid, iterative cycles and Lean UX mimics these cycles to ensure that the data generated in each iteration is used.

Based on the lean-agile methods of design making and process incremental, Lean UX is a design strategy that is used to minimize wasted time and effort during the design process.

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