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What is Iconography?


Iconography is a type of graphic representation of an action or object. Icon graphics can be used to augment navigation provided by links. They are usually selectable and different from graphics that purely offer content or add aesthetic brand value.

Iconography is the science of identifying, classifying, describing, and interpreting symbols, subjects, and subject matter in the visual arts. The term may also refer to the use of this imagery by the artist in a particular work.

Iconography is a particular category or system of types of images used by an artist or artist to convey particular meanings. For example, in Christian religious painting, there is a figurine of images such as the lamb which represents Christ, or the dove which represents the Holy Spirit. Iconography can operate on many levels, ranging from merely descriptive to cultural and symbolic, and can apply to a broader relational framework of material. The easiest of these is undoubtedly descriptive, where the plural nature of the images creates the biggest problems.

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