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F Pattern

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F Pattern

What is F Pattern?


The F-pattern describes the most common user eye scanning pattern when it comes to blocks of material. 'F' means fast. This is how users read your content on the web. In a matter of seconds, the user's gaze moves across a page at an astonishing speed.

The F-pattern is a layout designed to guide the user's eyes to the information you want to see based on human behavior. The F-pattern lies in the way we read - from left to right.

The F-Pattern is an extremely effective hack to ensure that your users are actually getting the information you present to them and the layout is fairly easy to understand. While F-Layout is more suitable for dense pages with content, Z-Layout is mainly for pages with minimal copy.

The F-shaped pattern can help you optimize the structure of your layout. But if you want to use it in your design, always try to make the reading experience appealing.

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