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Data-Driven Design

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Data-Driven Design

What is Data-Driven Design?


Data-Driven Design or DDD approach gives you the tools to better understand, quantify, and verify the consequences of your decisions. In a data-driven organization, you can be more confident about the choices you make, because a data-driven strategy uses facts and hard information rather than gut instinct. You can lead your organization to success based on facts, not opinions.

Data-driven design is the practice or approach of making decisions based on the data collected by customers about how they interact with a product or service. In a data-driven approach, decisions are made on the basis of data rather than intuition. Following a data-driven design, the approach provides measurable benefits.

Data can be gathered and interpreted in a number of ways, but the most commonly used approaches are surveys, A/B version testing, user testing sessions, and analyzing web metrics. A good data-driven design includes both quantitative and qualitative data research.

Quantitative data is the amount of information, i.e. number of monthly active users on your website. Qualitative data is information about qualities expressed through words, i.e. user feedbacks and why they return on a weekly basis.

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