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Cross Checking (Cross Validation)

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Cross Checking (Cross Validation)

Cross Checking (Cross Validation)


Cross-checking or cross-validation is an error-checking technique that is usually applied to forms that compare two or more field inputs.

Cross-validation is a statistical method of analyzing, evaluating, and comparing learning algorithms by splitting data into two sections:

  • Learn or Train the Model
  • Validate the model

In typical cross-validation, the training and validation sets must be crossed in successive rounds, so that each data point has a chance to be validated against. K-fold type of cross-validation is the basic form of cross-validation.

CRM systems compile customer data between the customer and the company across various channels, or points of contact, which may include the company website, telephone, live chat, direct mail, marketing materials, and social networks. CRM systems can also provide detailed information about customers' personal information, purchase history, purchase preferences, and concerns.

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