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Feature Creep

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Feature Creep

What is Feature Creep?


Excessive provision of features in an attempt to make a product more technically competitive but failing in usability. Feature creep is the excessive ongoing expansion or addition of new features to a product, especially in computer software, video games, and consumer and commercial electronics.

Feature creep (sometimes also referred to as requirement creep or scope creep) is the tendency for product or project requirements to grow beyond what was originally foreseen during development. The most common reason for feature creep is the desire to provide a more useful or desirable product to the consumer in order to increase sales or distribution.

Feature creep refers to software or hardware that becomes complex and difficult to use as a result of too many features. For example; Facebook is a particular example of this where feature creep affects the user experience. Initially, it was intended to help people make new connections, but the simple idea of ​​a social media platform eventually became complicated.

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