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Cascading Menus

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Cascading Menus

What is Cascading Menus?


Cascading menu appears as the user highlights individual items in the menu. A cascading menu hides site content and can require a high level of manual dexterity to manipulate, making it frustrating as the number of levels increases.

A cascading menu is a computer menu system in which a selected option in one menu is used to determine what options are available in the next. Developers divide the list of possible values ​​into two or more logical levels, and each of those levels is represented in a menu. End users can narrow down the total list of possible options before making a final selection.

Perhaps the most common use for cascading menus is within computer operating systems. For example, in Windows XP, users navigate a cascading menu every time they click the Start button. Icons in submenus such as All Programs and Control Panel are not displayed until the user selects an option from the Start menu itself.

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