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Brand Identity

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Brand Identity

What is Brand Identity?


The process of creating and marketing a consistent idea or image of a product, so that it can be recognized by the public. Brand identity captures and conveys the essence of a company. It is built on company values and how they want people to feel when they interact with the products or services.

Brand identity is a deliberate process of creating individuality and market value around the concept of a product name. Effective branding efforts enable organizations to convey uniqueness and value to their various audiences. Branding elements such as text, graphics, theme, etc. create branding.

The brand is identified with an organization, i.e. an organization is responsible for making a specific product with specific characteristics. This is how an organization wants to make its mark. It reflects how an organization wants to appear in the market.

Brand identity is a combination of mental and functional associations with the brand. Associations are not “reasons to buy” but provide familiarity and variation that is unacceptable. These associations can include signature tune (eg Britannia "ting-ting-ta-ding"), trademark colors (eg - blue with Pepsi), logos (eg - Nike), and taglines (eg - blue with Pepsi) Huh. - is the tagline of Apple). "Think Different"), etc.

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