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Pixel Density

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Pixel Density

What is Pixel Density?


Pixels are the smallest controllable units on our screens. These are tiny squares that we use to make the images we see on electronic displays. They are not a specific color but are capable of showing different images and graphics.

Pixel density is the ratio between the size of the screen and its resolution.

Pixel density is referred to as the number of pixels that fit into an inch. Pixel density is a calculation that returns the number of physical pixels per inch on a device's screen or display. This is often referred to as pixels per inch or PPI.

The physical dimensions and resolution of the screen are used to calculate the pixel density. The resolution width and resolution height of the screen give you the number of physical pixels.

Screen density = Screen size in pixels (width or height) / Screen size in inches (width or height)

The physical width and height of the screen converted to inches are in denominators.

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