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Graphical User Interface

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Graphical User Interface

What is Graphical User Interface?


The graphical user interface, or GUI, is the type of interface with which users interact with electronic devices. The first human-computer text interface to work via keyboard input was called Prompt (DOS Prompt).

A GUI or graphical user interface is a user interface through which a user interacts with electronic devices i.e., computers, laptops, and smartphones through the use of icons, menus, and other visual representations (graphics). GUIs display information and associated user controls graphically, in contrast to text-based interfaces, where data and commands are strictly in text.

Graphical User Interface representation is manipulated with a finger on a pointing device such as a mouse, trackball, stylus, or touch screen. Graphical user interfaces were created because command line interfaces were too complex and it was difficult to learn all the commands in them. The GUI makes use of visual elements mostly.

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