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Web Design Standard

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Web Design Standard

What is Web Design Standard?


Web design standards are are guidelines for usefulness. These norms and models are used by marketers and web designers for web page layout and UX features in comparative evaluations.

Web design standards are the technologies we use to build websites. These standards exist in the form of long technical documents, called specifications, that describe in detail how the technology should work. For example, the HTML Living Standard describes how HTML (all HTML elements) should be implemented.

Web Standards are the documentation that provides huge insight into the purpose of the world wide web. They are a great resource for any web developer and help people build stuff for the web that is accessible, functional, and cross-compatible. Web standards are created by W3C ‘the best-known web’ standards body; it invites groups of people from different technology companies to come together and agree on how to best use technologies to meet all of their use cases.

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