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Information Architecture (IA)

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Information Architecture (IA)

What is Information Architecture (IA)?


Information architecture is the practice of organizing the content in a product in an understandable way. This includes the content with which we interact, as well as the various structures, such as the navigation of the Website, required for us to interact with it.

Information architecture (IA) is the structural design of shared information environments, that is, the art and science of organizing and labeling intranets, online communities, websites, and software to support usability and discoverability. It brings together the science and principles of design focused on an emerging community of architecture and informatics for the digital landscape.

Information Architecture is a part of the conceptual design phase and is primarily concerned with defining an organization for website content. It may also include creating workflows or work relationships within a content organization. This includes the process of defining site hierarchy, content organization, and labeling schemes for all types of menu systems, and techniques for creating and evaluating them.

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