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Growth Hacking

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Growth Hacking

What is Growth Hacking?


Growth hacking is a subfield of marketing mainly focused on the rapid growth of a company. It is referred to as a process and a set of cross-disciplinary (digital) skills both. The goal is to conduct experiments regularly, which include A/B testing to improve the customer journey and to replicate and scale ideas that work and modify or do a lot more.

In short, growth hacking is all about designing an awesome UX using a data-driven approach. The final goal of growth hacking should be the improvement (hacking) of user experience to drive acquisition, engagement, retention, referrals, and revenue. Never do this before investing the resources; It should be started with the early-stage startups which require rapid growth within a time span and low budgets to reach large corporate companies.

The three growth hacking tactics are - Content marketing; Product Marketing; Paid Advertising

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