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Click Dummy

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Click Dummy

what is Click Dummy?


A click dummy is a clickable prototype with a very small range of functions, which enables early feedback from users in the conception phase of web or software development. Designers always create a click dummy when they want to give stakeholders/product owners the opportunity to experience the subsequent user experience and the flow through the finished product before it is implemented in code.

The Click Dummy is a rudimentary function that represents an exemplary sequence of interactions based on a logical screen flow. The test person operates the Click Dummy as if he were actually using the application and gets a first impression of the possible final product. Device. Click dummies are mostly used in the conception stage. This can give the impression of a largely "finished" product, even if it doesn't work at all or performs almost no function. It’s a simple solution that makes elements like buttons, buttons, or links clickable and thus helps.

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