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Dark Pattern/Dark UX

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Dark Pattern/Dark UX

What is Dark Pattern/Dark UX?


A dark pattern or deceptive design elements are designed to mislead website visitors into making unexpected and potentially harmful choices.

A dark pattern/deceptive design is a UI element that has been carefully crafted to trick users into doing deleterious things, such as buying overpriced insurance with their purchase or signing up for recurring bills. Dark patterns are coined by UX designer Harry Brignull on July 2010. Simply, dark patterns produce user favor of shareholder value.

Dark Pattern provides User Value in Favor of Shareholders. Tricks are used in websites and apps that cause unexpected user action, such as buying or signing up for things you didn't want.

When you use websites and apps, you don't read every word on every page instead, you read and guess. If a company tries to trick you into doing something, it can take advantage of this to make a page look like it's saying one thing while it's actually saying another.

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