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Open Card Sort

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Open Card Sort

What is Open Card Sort?


Card sorting is a UX research technique to explore how people perceive and classify information. Without pre-defined categories, users sort cards into the categories that are most important to them.

In open card sorting, there are no pre-determined ‘open’ categories. Participants sort cards into categories that make the most sense to them, and then create their own labels for these card groups.

In this method, each participant is given a stack of cards that are already filled with subjects and is then asked to group those cards in any way they like. After that, the participant is required to create labels for the groups he/she chooses. There is no restriction for naming the participants.

Open card sorting is a relatively low-tech and inexpensive method used to understand how a user will organize and structure content in a way that is understandable to them. Card sorting can be done in a number of ways such as actual cards, pieces of paper, Post-it notes or online tools such as Optimal Sort, which allows you to research remotely.

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