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Law of Uniform Connectedness

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Law of Uniform Connectedness

What is Law of Uniform Connectedness?


The Law of Unified Connectedness states that elements that are connected to each other by line, color, frame, or other shapes are treated as a single entity in comparison to other elements that are not connected in a similar way.

The Law of Uniform Connectedness states ‘Elements that are visually connected is considered more related than elements with no connections.’

Groups of similar nature work so that they are visually connected through colors, lines, frames, or other shapes.

Alternatively, you can use a solid connecting reference (line, arrow, etc.) from one element to another to create a visual connection. Use similar pairs to show context or to emphasize relationships between similar objects.

The Law of Uniform Connectedness is equivalent to the Law of Proximity, but it can be applied in cases where you cannot ensure compliance with other Gestalt laws.

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